Here are a few things people have said about my work:

You listen deeply. When I asked you for help, it was clear that you were focused on me and nothing else for that conversation. You were quiet and let me tell you the situation without interruption. Then, you asked questions that helped me untangle the confusion. I have a strong memory of being deeply listened to and cared about. Not to mention, the questions helped me get to my solution. I know when I talk with you I will not be judged or found wanting. There is an acceptance there, an openness, that let me know I could say what I needed to say and trust you to accept me as I am. It’s a gift!

– Mary Orton

I worked as a member of Susan’s team at Sedaa’s Global Brain Trust for over a year and she has continued coaching and mentoring me since. Susan is like an invisible hand weaving people’s thoughts and efforts. She is one of those amazing facilitators who seamlessly leads meetings leaving everyone satisfied with their progress and the process. She does the same for her teams: she flawlessly connects people together maintaining the great balance of the right person or the right team of people at the right time for the right thing. As a mentor and coach, she knows when to listen, when to talk, when to teach, and when to facilitate one’s thoughts. She has been very patient with me, always keeping to my pace. Susan has been a model of many desirable behaviors and with her help, I have grown very fast both as a professional and personally. She will be invaluable to your team and team mates and I have no hesitation recommending her to any organization!

– Fabienne Doze

Susan has always earned great respect from me and everyone around her. She’s a consumate professional. She’s diligent, cares about clients and people she works with, and seems to always be in a great mood. She improves any team or work environment there may be. I recommend her to anyone looking for an “A” player!

– Harry Urschel

Susan’s facilitation skills are something to see. I have participated in numerous meetings, both virtual and in-person, during which Susan managed ambiguity, moved the process forward, connected the dots, and inspired new ideas all while keeping time and capturing the data with remarkable accuracy. She is a stabilizing force in every situation and a pleasure to work with.

– Kendall LaPorte

Susan has worked on two projects for me so far. She is unfailingly professional, courteous, knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge. She worked closely with team members to deliver quality learning solutions that our clients were very pleased with; this in situations where requirements changed up to the last minute. I highly recommend Susan for help with training projects.

– Mary Beth Deans

Susan was able to help our group to identify our strategic objectives, create benchmarks and scorecards to measure our performance, and implement the management of the objectives and metrics identified during our project. Susan was very adept at soliciting and incorporating feedback from all members of our project team and was very responsive in helping me to setup our measurement tools online. Susan was key to the success of our project.

– John Zukoski

Susan Blake is an outstanding business partner. I had the pleasure of working with her on a number of projects over the course of several years and her leadership, attention to detail and unrelenting commitment to making the company better was evident in all that she did. Her primary concern is always service – customer service to people outside the organization and excellent service to those within the organization. Susan has always operated with a “service first” mentality and it showed in the quality of the projects she spear-headed and the caliber of the service her department provided. I highly recommend her to any company dedicated to service excellence.

– Travis Medley

Her strong work ethics, pleasant personality and the willingness to go the extra mile, has made her indispensible in terms of the rapid growth of Sedaa’s Global Brain Trust and earned the respect of Country Facilitators from around the world. She is truly the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ and I am very proud to call her a dear friend and a cherished colleague.

– Murad Salman Mirza

Susan appropriately weighs the balance between meeting corporate objectives and meeting customer satisfaction. While many managers drive only corporate objectives, her approach of balancing corporate objectives and customer satisfaction has been effective in achieving both corporate contentment and customer loyalty.

– Roel Bello

Susan is a very conscientious and hard-working colleague with great people skills. She did a great job establishing the processes and teaching the branch offices to accept the challenge of resolving complaints. This led to increased client satisfaction and repeat business from newly satisfied clients.

– Grace Bourke

Susan is an exceptional manager who willingly communicates her knowledge to her staff fostering a close team environment. Susan’s customer-focus surpasses that of any manager I have ever reported to either directly or indirectly. She is a strong and effective leader. She is a role model that I would very much like to emulate.

– Kay Beley

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