Remember to Look Up

35 Tips for Making a Comeback


Born of personal experience, “Remember to Look Up: 35 Tips for Making a Comeback” shares stories from my life and quotes and practices that have helped me through multiple moves to new cities, widowhood, job loss, and the deterioration of my speaking voice.

Whether you are hanging on for dear life, stuck and looking for a reframe, searching for a cheer-up, or ready to take life by the lapels and shake it, there’s a good chance there’s something here for you.

Please click here to download your free copy of my e-book, “Remember to Look Up: 35 Tips for Making a Comeback.”

Here’s what people have said about “Remember to Look Up:”

“Your book is a wonderful reminder that life is fluid and changes. Those changes often bring the most needed thing that you forgot you wanted. Those changes give you permission to take care of yourself and to reflect. Thank you for reminding me to be engaged in life, all life, not just mine.”

“I LOVED the ease of reading – the short, concise chapters. It seems to me… that when you’re ass-over-tincup in change of a deep kind, i.e. Making a Comeback – less IS more! Also loved the ideas you offered – and the quantity of them – much to choose from – to wander around in (on the page). And, of course, the heart-felt way you wrote the .pdf.”

“I could feel that you were talking from experience, as opposed to hollering down from on-high – that’s a biggee for me. I almost intuitively shut down if I’m reading or hearing someone who’s just yakking without personal experience and compassionate feeling behind their words.”

“Thanks for the e-book – it’s very inspiring, and I will be returning to it for reminders even when I’m not in a deep, come-back place – but just glum – it’s so full of hope!!”

“It didn’t take long at all for me to get into it and I found myself quite inspired by the great content. I found much of it inspirational and it really got me to thinking about my chaotic life…I found in many sections actually wanting to know more about some of your adventures.”

“Full of practical, poetical advice illustrated by both her own photos and her own stories, this was a wonderful read.”

“Parts of the book gave me goose bumps! Your book is wonderful and it takes courage to share yourself with the world!”

“I loved “go on a spirit quest” because it feels serene… I loved “be grateful,” just great advice we don’t get that often. 🙂 Same for “give someone else something to be grateful for”… I liked 31 and 32, nothing is clear cut in life, that speaks to me.”

Click Here to download your copy of “Remember to Look Up: 35 Tips for Making a Comeback.”

Once you have read it, please let me know what you think!

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