Captains Curious

When captains curious, whom fear could not daunt,
Did march to the siege of the city of Can’t,
They mustred their questions by two and by three,
And the foremost in asking they delighted to be.

– Adapted from the ballad of “Mary Ambree” 1

What, you ask, are the Captains Curious?

Captains Curious is a weekly series of guest posts aimed at exploring Curiosity and expanding the conversation around it.

For a list of the Captains Curious posts to date, click here.

Captains Curious also refers to the authors who submit those guest posts and bravely wonder aloud about Curiosity, asking – and answering – a variety of questions including:

  • What are you curious about?
  • How does curiosity help you?
  • How can applying curiosity change how you look at things?
  • How can that curiosity solve problems?
  • How can that curiosity help to improve relationships?
  • What keeps us from being curious?
  • Why is curiosity frightening?
  • How do you use Curiosity in your work?
  • How do you encourage others to be curious? About what?

Why Curiosity? I’m glad you asked that.

I believe Curiosity doesn’t only help us to solve problems and be more creative and play well with others. Curiosity also can be used to understand ourselves better. And that makes it a pretty extraordinary Super Power.

Curiosity also has connections to our ability to Notice the world around us (and inside us) and to experience Wonder. These all contribute to our ability to learn, to connect with one another, and live our lives to the fullest extent possible. You can begin to explore those connections by clicking on the links in the Tags cloud on the right.

To read the posts in the series so far and learn more about the Captains Curious themselves, please click here and then select one of the titles in the list that appears.

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What about you? Are you curious? What do you find challenging about applying your natural Curiosity? How does Curiosity help you? Please join the conversation and comment on the posts, and sign up to receive the Captains Curious and other posts by completing the box in the top right corner of this page.

If you would like to submit a post, please send me an email at susan {at} susanTblake {dot} com with the subject line: Captains Curious.

If you would like to speak with me and explore how you can develop your Curiosity and apply it to improving your life, cultivating creativity and building connections in your business or personal life, send me an email and we will arrange a time to talk about my consulting and coaching with you.

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1 Notes on the text of Kipling’s Captains Courageous,

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