Captains Curious: The Curiousity Revolution

“Let’s just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That’s all it was: Curiosity.” ~ Jim Morrison

Princeton’s WordNet defines curious as “eager to investigate and learn or learn more.” It’s a pleasant word, provoking images of a child’s wondering at butterflies or a puppy peeking into a barn door. It means we want to know more, learn more, see more and experience more.

Curiosity was not always a desirable trait

However, curiosity was not always a desirable or even forgivable trait.

  • Its roots lie in words such as Latin’s curiosus meaning “inquiring eagerly, meddlesome” and the Old French word curios meaning “solicitous, anxious, inquisitive.”
  • Some circles used the word curious to mean “pornographic, vulgar, indecent.” Not necessarily a bad thing in my book but safe to assume they did not intend it as a compliment.
  • Phrases such as “Curiosity killed the cat” were designed to discourage a child’s natural state of being.

Breaking down walls

As a modern culture, we began to break down these walls to curiosity in the 1960s. People no longer accepted being spoon-fed information. They wanted to learn more, to know more.

Parents began teaching their children to ask more questions and discover different truths. New spiritual beliefs and grass-roots politics sprung up all around.

Snooze button

This was a temporary blip, a brief awakening before hitting the snooze button in the 80’s and 90’s. But our fifteen minutes now seem to be up.

All around us, people are finally beginning to rub their eyes, let out a good yawn and stretch. We are reawakening our curiosity. We’re looking to each other, trying to recollect our interconnectedness and truer purposes.

A quiet revolution

There is a quiet revolution happening today. It’s not political. It’s not religious. It’s not trying to save the environment, fight drugs or obliterate disease. It’s not going to start wars or take down authority.

It is simply a revolution of curiosity.

  • What can I create?
  • How can I help people?
  • Can I make this a better place?
  • How can I have an impact on the world?

These are the questions I see people asking themselves. Everyday and everywhere I look I see people reviving their curiosity…not just about their worlds but, more importantly, about themselves.

Instead of accepting the limitations they’ve been told exist, people are starting to ask real questions about what they are truly capable of achieving.

And it’s these simple questions, and this simple curiosity, that have the power to change our world forever.


As an afterthought, Susan asked me to discuss what I am curious about and how this “curiosity revolution” I wrote about has affected me. While I’m hard-pressed to think of anything I’m not curious about, most of all I think it is to see where this new train of consciousness is heading.

This curiosity revolution has inspired me to create new businesses, to learn and write about new topics and meet new people. It has motivated me to strive harder towards making a positive impact with everything I do. There is a sense not of urgency but of great importance right now. I find it extremely exciting and invigorating.

And it has also made me madly curious about you! I want to know what your dreams are. How you hope to change the world. What you want to learn more about, know more about and experience more. Will you share these things with me?

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I’m Jenny B, proud owner, operator and resident goddess of Up Your Impact Factor where we uncover how to use our words to change our world.

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9 Responses to Captains Curious: The Curiousity Revolution

  1. SilverMagpies April 14, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    “While I’m hard-pressed to think of anything I’m not curious about, most of all I think it is to see where this new train of consciousness is heading.” – Jenny B

    An open mind is one of the most important assets any of us can have. Being curious and exploring doesn’t mean you are automatically going to love or despise something. It just means you can make a considered decision.

    I am very curious, and love nothing better than putting that to work in my business by researching the silver I come across in my work. I’m happy to dive down the rabbit hole and not surface until I’ve found the answer.

    I’m always thrilled to spark that curiosity in others by opening their eyes to silver’s story.

    Who can resist a treasure hunt? :~)

  2. Jenny April 15, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Haha! Yes Nan, I envy you the treasure hunting part of your job. Although I suppose mine involves digging for the hidden treasure in other people’s marketing message…which is quite rewarding in itself 🙂

    Thank you!!

  3. Michael Martine April 16, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    More and more, I’m getting curious about how blogging changes people.

    I like your curiosity revolution idea. Velly nize.

  4. Jenny April 17, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    That’s a fascinating subject. Blogging, especially when used to build a personal brand, is definitely a transformative evolutionary process…just look at how well-rounded I am after years of…wait…nm. But yes, a very interesting topic to explore. Thanks Gandalf!

  5. Peggie April 20, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    Okay – I’ll follow you everywhere/anywhere. And Susan is so wise for putting this together — thank you both.

    I’m particularly fond of this style of your writing — more journalistic with the facts and still a story (is that geeky writer talk ?) what’s that called new age journalism or something?

    Yes, curiosity is a birthright, isn’t it? Thanks for helping to awaken the revolution!

  6. Jenny April 20, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    Thank you so much Peggie! Yes, new age journalism probably describes my style best…I tried fiction writing but, well, let’s just say this suits me MUCH better lol. We should all be grateful I never attempted poetry, too 😛

    Susan IS very wise! What a great concept 🙂

  7. Susan T. Blake April 20, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    Hi Peggie and Jenny,

    Thank you so much – I am glad you (and all the delightful commenters!) are here and that this series is getting traction! The Captains Curious are certainly making ME think. 🙂

  8. Susan T. Blake April 27, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    You know, I just re-read this post and I was struck by the line, “And it’s these simple questions, and this simple curiosity, that have the power to change our world forever.”

    Yes. I believe curiosity can change the world, and questions, when asked with a generous heart, can be transformative. The right question can be even more important than the answer.

    Thanks Jenny!


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