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What good is curiosity? Just how important is it?

When Birdy brought up the question of curiosity to me, I got to thinking about how vitally important curiosity was, especially in Times of the Tower, a.k.a. times of major life-altering change, for those of you not immediately familiar with Tarot symbolism.


Because when people are having problems, what normally happens is the instinctual hiding and going inward thing. You know – you are being hunted (it doesn’t really matter by what) and you should hide and go into yourself. Don’t be noticed, maybe the bad thing will eat somebody else – just sit there and feel sorry for yourself.

Which is exactly the wrong thing to do!

Even in the old days, having friends with spears was a lot more useful.

Birdy chiming in here, with some examples for those of you (like me) who learn better by story.

Where shall we begin?

Oh, yes, the running-and-hiding-under-furniture thing.

Yes, a definite tendency, and one I’ve practiced far more often than I’d like to admit. 😀

But yes, while an instinctive move, perhaps not the best one to make in such times.

On a personal note, the running and hiding thing has caused me FAR more embarrassment and trouble than it was worth.

To the point that no, I don’t have any stories that I’m willing to share about that aspect, beyond ‘Been there. Done that. Do NOT recommend it!’ :>

But why curiosity?

  • Because you can’t be curious and closed down at the same time.
  • Fear doesn’t last in the face of curiosity
  • Curiosity forces you to look outward
  • It encourages perspective
  • It encourages thinking ‘outside the box’

All of which is exactly what you should be doing in Times of the Tower.


A story that I AM willing to share.

Well, the first one that comes to mind is the one that sparked this whole ‘Time of the Tower’ idea in the first place.

As is so often the case, it was the personal situation that brought it home.

We’d heard about the Japan earthquake/tsunami, but were distant enough from it to view it with the detached compassion that occurs when the turmoil is not at your own front door.

Then our own world fell apart, and the need to deal with the Time of the Tower hit home.

My husband was informed that his employer was succumbing to their own lack of curiosity and entering into bankruptcy, which meant the closing of a number of stores, including the one he worked at.

(If you’ve been hanging around me at all, you probably know the parties involved, but as Susan rightly pointed out, names are not important here. What is important is our own curious approach to getting our tailfeathers out of the fire. Besides, the retail industry’s lack of curiosity and the consequences therefrom is a WHOLE ‘nother show. :-D)

  • Because you can’t be curious and closed down at the same time.

So, after the crying and the screaming was done (I freely admit in times of stress, I tend to go to my Totem Sparrow, who is not exactly the quietest of Birds!), we set about putting our curiosity to work.

  • Fear doesn’t last in the face of curiosity

Sitting down and exploring our options was an excellent way to keep the boogeyman at bay, which was definitely helpful, especially for those middle-of-the-night fears that creep up and pounce unwanted, though not unexpectedly.

  • Curiosity forces you to look outward

Later on, we would discover that Explorer is an Archetype shared by both of us, which explains a lot about why curiosity is such an important thing for both of us.

At the moment though, we were only interested in figuring out what the flock we were going to do to get ourselves out of this mess. With an unemployment rate of 11% in Michigan, and a distinct lack of desirable options as far as a range of jobs, the squeeze definitely seemed on.

But we put all that behind us and sat down, determined to use our curiosity find a way that worked.

We brainstormed.

We hashed out options.

We worked things out to make sure vital things would be taken care of.

We took action, both because it was the Useful Thing to Do, and because it kept the boogeymen in the middle of the night at bay.

  • It encourages thinking ‘outside the box’

Curiosity let us do all that.

It freed us from being so immersed in the situation that we couldn’t move.

It allowed us to explore other options and paths.

It allowed us to look at things in new lights and from new directions.

Good things those.

  • It encourages perspective

And it also gave our brains something useful to do, instead of dwelling on the negatives, which was very useful from both a movement and metaphysical perspective.

It also gave us the freedom to look at the situation from more than just the angle of a soon-to-be-ex-employee. This is valuable stuff, not only for the information it brings at the time, but also for avoiding future problems in one’s own life and situation.

For example, the things we’ve learned about what NOT to do in business are both numerous and things people would pay tons of money to know.

Many are common-sense, which just goes to show you how scale and business veneer can change one’s vision. And that ultimately, when it comes to business smarts, size does not matter, which can be an incredible confidence builder!

The Time of the Tower is all about the ‘out with the old – and in with the new’ kind of time.

If you are associated with the old thing – even if indirectly – it can start off as a bad thing. And often it is bad.

At least in the beginning.

The old thing going away always leaves a vacuum.


It hurts. It still does, even though at the time of this writing, we’ve had nearly a month of Mike being home. The benefits are numerous, and on a big-picture level, we don’t regret a thing, but it’s still all too easy to give way to the emotions that lie just underneath, the parts of you that resist change with all their might, even when it’s the best change that could happen to you.

To be replaced with something new.

And there is the opportunity!

The gift in disguise, if you only know how to look for it.

And overall, it IS the best thing that could happen to us. The changes, both personal and professional, that have occurred in just the short time since Mike’s come home are both a telling example of what is wrong with Big Business today, and a striking example that not all seemingly devastating change is, in actuality, devastating.

Encourage your curiosity!

Gain the perspective that will allow you to see that it is a Time of the Tower and to look for those opportunities that are there if you only have the curiosity to look for them.

Once you realize it’s only a ‘Time of the Tower’, you know it’s a side effect of a growth spurt – along with the associated opportunities – so you know there is no need to waste any more time with fear.

If it’s ultimately going to be a good thing, then why worry?

But, remember one thing.

The old ways of doing things may be part of what is going away.

So, be on the lookout for new, outside-the-box solutions and methods for your future.

Encourage your curiosity – you will find it quite profitable!

* * * * *

Mike Diamond, man of mystery & science. Aviator, astronomer, inveterate questioner & explorer. Also a channel, he & his Guides eagerly await opportunities to educate folks on what’s out there in the Universe. You can find him most often on the decks of the A.E.V. CrowTarot ( or in the Mind Arts Lab of Blanket University (, but he is also to be found flying about through all the sites of the Avian Empire. (

Birdy Diamond can most often be seen flying around the web gathering bits for her ‘Roving Robin’ columns for such sites as: Birds on the Blog, CustomerLove, and the Caffeinated Business Community. In her native habitat of the ‘Avian Empire’ (, she is most often to be found in the Studio of TwOOwls Art (, the Mysticphoenyx Cafe (, or the Talking Tree over at ‘An Encouraging Bird’ (, though she is also to be found on board the A.E.V. CrowTarot and on various parts of the campus of Blanket University.

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12 Responses to Captains Curious: Curiosity in Times of the Tower

  1. Susan T. Blake May 19, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    I love the idea that “fear doesn’t last in the face of curiosity!” That alone is an excellent reason to practice being curious.

    One thing I hear is that you have described curiosity as an important factor in your not succumbing to Victim mentality, even if you did not use those words.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and experience) on this!

  2. Peggie May 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    such a great reminder Birdy– curiosity then is a tool of love — it shines out that fear and that is brilliant! Thanks for this post. So playful and true.

  3. @Susan – Yuppers! Mike is quite brill when it comes to this sort of stuff.

    Yup! That is an excellent way to look at it. You go there for a bit, to get it out of your system, then you Move On.

    Most welcome! 🙂

    @Peggie – Yup! Mike had some excellent thoughts for me to hang my stories from. 🙂

    Most welcome! :> Glad to read it worked for you. 🙂

  4. Mike Diamond May 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    Thanks for the wonderful comments!

    Curiosity is not just a tool for surviving tough times; it’s also fun too!
    And a special Thank You to Birdy for adding her insightful stories!!

  5. Square-Peg Karen May 23, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    Great post, Birdy and Mike – I didn’t look at the comments until I’d read through the post and copied & pasted the sentence that jumped out at me — turns out that the exact same sentence that Susan highlighted: “Fear doesn’t last in the face of curiosity.” is the one that grabbed me!

    And now that I’ve read the comments, I’m so agreeing with Peggie – Curiosity sure does seem like a tool of love!!

  6. Susan T. Blake May 23, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    I have to agree, too – Curiosity is indeed a tool of love. What a fabulous thought. Thank you all!

  7. Mike Diamond May 23, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    ‘allo again, Ms Karen! 🙂

    Thank you, thank you!
    Mike is a wondrously wise man. :>

    Yes, I hadn’t really thought of it that way, being a tool of love, until Susan’s comment, but it makes sense! :>

    Thnx for stopping by! 🙂

  8. The above was actually written by me. :>
    *needs to remember to check out the name on the auto-fill-in BEFORE hitting ‘Submit’! :-D*


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